panettiere / pan · eh · tea · air / noun   Italian for "baker"
1. a person who bakes.
2. a person who makes and sells bread, cake, etc.
3. a small portable oven.
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 Ciao & Welcome

I'm Holly, an ardent Italian baker and mate to a resplendent USMC combat veteran who's better at mending loose buttons, keeping plants alive, and making delicious food than most people I've met. We embark on adventurous journeys in the kitchen and in life, fueling our bodies with whole foods and any form of exercise we can.
This blog came to be when I realized that the small supply I had of "From My Kitchen to Yours" recipe cards would not last much longer, and I wanted to continue sharing my recipes and knowledge with anyone interested. 
This serves as a recipe archive that allows me to share with friends and family as well as keep track of recipes for future reference. Among these pages live healthier versions of decadent desserts & delicious dishes with diet and allergy friendly adaptations, as well as ideas & tips for healthy living.

 Through the years, I have adopted the ways of my Italian lineage, by using "a bit of this" or adding "a touch of that" to recipes. This website acts as a therapy for those habits of neglecting measuring utensils since "1/4 cup" might not equal "about 1/4 cup" and is sure to yield a variety of diverse end products. 
This space also serves as a log of all else that goes on, inside and outside of the kitchen. My beau and I enjoy making good food, embarking on life adventures, and sharing all of that with our outrageous friends and family. The little things that happen in between are a sweet reminder that life is charming, unexpected, and some kind of wonderful.

come on in, pull up a chair &
Mangia! Mangia!
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feel free to contact me
petitepanettiere at gmail dot com