Raw Chocolate Bliss Balls

We enjoyed a trip of lake living over the weekend to celebrate the beau's birthday. The weather was hot, the drinks were cold, and the water was amazing as ever. 

Surrounded by some of the best company, we enjoyed the Summer Solstice on the lake and spent our days boating, hiking, wake skimming, relaxing, and exploring natural water slides and falls cutting through fern-covered, evergreen-lined, rocky scapes.

Adventures like these are excellent reminders of the vast wonder of our planet, its enormity, its natural beauty, and our insignificance to its existence.

After our fantastic weekend, I made these delicious cookies and we finished them in little more than a day.

They're fudgy, four ingredients, quick and easy, and require no cooking or baking.
Perfect for toasty, lazy Summer days.

Raw Chocolate Bliss Ball Cookies
makes about a dozen cookies

-2/3 cup raw nuts
-2/3 cup pitted dates, packed
-1/3 cup nut or seed butter
-1/3 cup cocoa powder

1. Place almonds in a food processor, process until fine. Add dates, butter, and cocoa, process a couple minutes, or until well-blended and completely incorporated.
2. Scoop out of food processor bowl and form into balls, cookies, or bars.
3. Enjoy immediately or refrigerate.

store in the refrigerator
optional substitutions...
-almonds: any other nut (seeds may work as well though I have not tried this recipe with seeds yet)
-dates: any other dried fruit, figs and raisins work well
-cocoa powder: cacao powder

Mangia! Mangia!