Homemade Wooden Oak Spoon

today I share with you my homemade wooden spoon . . .

I'm rather taken with it
...as you may have noticed

it all started one day, when I realized I did not have a single wooden spoon in my kitchen, so I put "sturdy, long handle wooden spoon" on our Secret Santa wish list. Secret Santa responded with a very hearty, 16" long wooden spoon!
I was so excited, a new toy for the kitchen!

then, it happened. "The I could make this!" voice popped into my head again.
the next day...a trip to gather my materials, a beautiful medium color oak wood with red undertones and lovely grain, as well as a bit of mineral oil, for finishing.
I couldn't locate the proper woodworking tools so I began with a chisel the Mr. had given me in a stocked toolbox he put together for a birthday gift (so great!)

After sketching an outline of the shape I was going for on the oak, we used a jigsaw to cut along the outline and I began chiseling away.
With each chip and curl the chisel shaved from the wood, the more and more excited I got!
The square headed chisel presented me with a challenge when it came to carving out the round bowl of the spoon... a challenge I gladly accepted.
After chipping away at at the hunk of wood with my chisel, I used a rough sand paper and got to sanding down.
Lots of sanding, so much so that the next morning I woke up with a scratchy throat and raspy voice from breathing in all the sawdust that the Mr. later told me pouffed into a cloud around my little spoon making station.

When I got back to it, I wore a dust mask.
Best. Decision. Ever. for anyone planning to pursue a homemade wooden spoon endeavor.
With a medium grain sand paper, I sanded and smoothed the spoon into a beautiful splendor.
I almost couldn't contain myself as I wiped it down with mineral oil. With each layer that soaked in and each layer I applied, it developed a rich cherry-oak color that had me swooning.
*other than cropping, I did not edit any of these photos

My camera couldn't stop snapping photos of this beauty, it loved the spoon, as did I.
Forming such a handsome, darling, lovely work of art out of a piece of oak and a chisel gave me a feeling of accomplishment.

I'm not over it yet, whenever I glance at my homemade wooden spoon and each time I pick it up, this warm, flitting feeling of pride overwhelms me with happiness.

it's the little things in life