Indoor Plant: Aloe Vera Succulent

 We recently adopted a luscious aloe vera plant into our home in the middle of this California Winter that feels like Spring some days and Summer others. 

The lovely deep muted blue green toned stems reach upward with pink-red brushed tips showing new growth. Just last week, he got his very own taupe ceramic residence, filled with soil, sand, and tiny pebbles, to allow him to drink what he needs and let the rest drain freely. 

I was told they can be quite simple to care for, they require little water, a bit of indirect sunlight, and a few smiles a day.
So far, so good.

I use aloe vera on my skin every day, I have even drank aloe vera water [or juice?] before, but as I picked up our new addition ready to head home, the man told me we could eat it.
"I suppose," I said, "but it's just so lovely."
I have found there are, in fact, recipes out there that use aloe...
food, drink, skincare, healthcare...
However, I have yet to snip a branch for use, even the ones that are drying out and falling off to make room for the new growth, I just can't bring myself to. 
Maybe soon, though, we will see.

In the meantime, I'll admire the colors and dramatic contrast as the sunlight floods onto one side of it through a window to the left, and ponder which member of the plantae kingdom will be next added to our little growing family...

The year is already flying by! It seems, to me, we just celebrated ringing in the New Year, and I am still consciously reminding myself to write 2014 on dates, is that just me? 
I do hope the New Year has treated you well, so far, and wish you all the happiness in the coming month.
Happy February!